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All Electric Retractable Hill-Rom Model 850

Standard Features

Patient and staff controls located in head rails
Automatic contour
Electric Hi-Low with safety lock outs
Nurse control panel at foot end
Retractable frame
Complete therapeutic and shock positioning
Instant CPR
Central brake and steer
National link spring fabric or orthopedic pan sleep surface
Automatic night light
Roller bumpers
New wood grain high pressure laminated bed ends
Taupe finish
2 year warranty


Sleep surface height (high position)----------        31"

Sleep surface height (low position)-----------        17"

Overall length (without bumpers)-------------        91"

            Retracted-------------------------------        77"

Overall width (side rails stored)---------------       36.5"

                     (side rails up)-------------------        41.5"

Sleep surface width-----------------------------        36"

Sleep surface length-----------------------------        84"

Casters--------------------------------------------          5"


Available Options

    In Bed Scale

    Head and Foot Boards

    Side Rails

    Sleep Surface

    Communications Package

    White Paint


For more information contact sales@hbrhealthcare.com 

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