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HBR's Multi-Zone Relief™ 940 was specifically designed to reduce the development of pressure sores in patients and residents confined to bed for long periods of time.  This mattress system is comprised of five (5) pressure relieving zones specifically designed to reduce interface pressure in the vulnerable heel and torso areas.  The heel section is a precision die cut high resilient foam layer over our tri-cut channel pressure absorbing zone with collapsible column design.  The torso section also has a precision die cut top layer over two additional layers of medium and high density support foams.  This combination of precision die cutting results a cool sleeping surface that eliminates heat build-up and reduces the risk of skin tissue breakdown.

Feature and Benefits:

TOP COVER: UNITEK™ II NYLON features non-shear, low moisture vapor transmission (LMVT), fluid resistant, and anti-microbial / anti-bacterial properties.


TORSO TOP LAYER consists of a precision die cut flat-top high density polyurethane foam to produce a non-shear sleep surface that prevents heat build-up.

TORSO MIDDLE LAYER is a medium density, solid center core foam to provide additional comfort and support.

HEEL SECTION TOP LAYER is precision die cut high resilient, low ILD foam specially formulated and to provide excellent pressure reduction characteristics in this critical area while again eliminating undesirable heat build-up.

HEEL MIDDLE LAYER is a tri-cut channel design engineered for maximum pressure relief through collapsible columns.

BOTTOM PATIENT SUPPORT LAYER is constructed of a high density, high ILD foam to provide patient support and stability throughout the entire mattress.

SOLID FOAM SIDE RAILS provide patient security and support during bed transfer.

OPTIONAL RAISED SOLID FOAM SIDE RAILS also provide patient security and support during bed transfer with the additional benefit of offering a gentle reminder when the patient nears the edge of the bed.  The lower areas at the lap section provides the patient with a pleasant entrance and exit point accessible from either side of the bed.

CONTAMINATION BARRIER FLAP reduces the possibility of contamination reaching the inner core.

BOTTOM COVER is a triple laminated vinyl that is fluid resistant and anti-microbial / anti-bacterial.

FIRE-RETARDANT construction conforms to California Technical Bulletin #117.  An optional Fire Stop  Barrier System is available and conforms to California Technical Bulletin #129 and the NFPA life Safety Code #101.


AVAILABLE SIZES:     36" x 76" x 6"

                                36" x 80" x 6"

                                36" x 84" x 6"

WARRANTY: 7-year non-prorated

Interface pressure readings performed by Independent certified testing company and are available upon request.


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