Many have asked "what does remanufactured mean?"  HBR's remanufactured Hill-Rom products are pre-owned hospital equipment that have undergone an in-depth 55 step restoration process.  These aren't just used beds that have been cleaned and put up for resale like an automobile on a used car lot.  Using the same analogy, HBR's products are comparable to a meticulously restored automobile where the restoration goal is to produce a product that is as good as or exceeds it's originally manufactured condition and performance.

HBR Healthcare has achieved this goal with a high volume process that minimizes the restoration cost and assures the highest integrity of the final product.  All remanufactured products are completely disassembled and every component is thoroughly tested and is either remanufactured or replaced with components that meet or exceed Hill-Rom's original component specifications.  Everything is completely refinished prior to reassembly and is then subjected to an extensive performance inspection procedure.  The end result is a product which is every bit as functional and enduring as a brand new bed at a fraction of the original cost.

As new technology, stricter safety standards, and customer requirements have evolved, HBR has responded with approved modifications and enhancements to obtain peak performance levels and enhanced functionality resulting in many years of dependable service to aid the caregiver and comfort the patient.

The Remanufacturing Process Detail

Complete Disassembly:

All bed components are removed, i.e., Motors, Brakes, Wiring, Cables, Castors, Side Rails, Switches, PC Boards & Labels; Only the Frame remains


The Frames: Frames are mounted Vertically on our Overhead Horizontal Rail System

   1. Inspected for Structural Integrity and Conformity to Original Specifications

   2. High Pressure Cleaned, Degreased and Decontaminated

   3. High Pressure Sanitized

   4. Machine Sanded, Hand-Sanded and Cleaned

   5. Primer Coatings



All metal components are painted using our unique Two-Stage Epoxy Formula, every inch of the frame is painted, every inch of Pan Surface Beds are refinished including underside.



Rails are disassembled

Welds are removed

NEW Oilite Bushings installed

Rails are Machine Pressed and Re-welded

Rails are refinished and re-assembled using using:

    NEW Wiring Harnesses

    NEW Switches

    NEW Plastic Canning

    NEW Z-Rail Inserts



Rebuilt Motors

Rebuilt Electronic Control Boards

NEW  Motor Couplings

NEW  Switches

NEW  Capacitors

NEW  Plated Fabric Surfaces

NEW Spring Helicals

NEW  Wiring Harness

NEW  Power Cord

NEW  U.L. Listed Hospital Grade Plug

NEW  Oilite Bushings

NEW  Moisture Seals

NEW  Screws, Bolts and other miscellaneous components

NEW  Head & Foot Boards

NEW  Castors

NEW  Labels & Decals


Quality Assurance Program:

Physical Inspection

Calibration and Fine Tuning of all functions

Lubrication of entire bed mechanisms

Complete Electrical Analysis including Hi-Pot, Ground Fault, and Leakage

Safety Checks

Complete Operational and Functional testing with a simulated patient weight of 400lbs.

Start-Up Warranty: 90-Days Plus Additional 2-Year Written Warranty,

Lifetime Warranty on Bed Frame for Structural Defects